Aviyah Keren, Artist

Drawing is my best friend.  


My family was in the military, and one of the first memories as a young child was being lonely because I didn't have any playmates. I recall voicing this to my Mom and her reply was, "You have lots of crayons and pencils, you like to draw, so draw." And that is how I began to create with a purpose. 


My Dad started writing to me around that time, but his writings (he was an awesome artist) were drawings of himself, the ship he was on (Navy), the ocean, a whale or porpoise, and himself in his uniform working. I would write back to him with my drawings and colorings.

I joined the ranks of a very elite group of world-renowned artists, the SELF TAUGHT (Outsider). Life unfolded, career, marriage, children . . . and now with much gratefulness, I can follow my passion as a full-time artist. 


I love drawing, painting, and creating stories on canvas. The power of color and how it affects the emotions of us all, the ability to heal, comfort, encourage, love, hate, and more is in the POWER OF ART.

I am a Light Worker Artist. I use my power of creativity to help others in healing memories and bring joy, encouragement, motivation, and laughter and help others see the beauty that is all around us. Even though sometimes hidden, it is there.

A photographer can capture this beauty through what they see and with the help of a lens and camera. I see and impart this beauty through the lends of my eyes, and with the help of my artistic gift/skill.

Thank you for visiting with me.