Watercolor - This is the first painting in this 2 painting series. You will notice the touch of whimsey I have also given here.  The colors are somewhat somber, very soft.  It almost gives off the look of when a flower bouquet is losing its vibrancy, yet there is a beauty upon the flowers still even after they have dried.  I wanted to catch that look. 


The color brown is said to invoke a sense of strength and reliability, as it is associated with the earth.

A very lovely painting and it would gladly grace any area in your home you deem to place it.


  • Available in Fine Art Textured Paper and Gallery Wrap Canvas.
  • Gallery Wrapped Canvases ship 7-10 days upon receipt of purchase.
  • Fine Art Textured Prints ship within 3 days of receipt of purchase.

Flowers in a Vase #1