Watercolor - Artists painting flowers go back probably to the beginning of creation or right thereafter.  Painting flowers are very relaxing.  This painting will bring light to your home and no matter where you place it, it will always have a lifting quality when looked upon.  I painted these flowers in various colors with a bit of whimsy added. 


The flowers are of different colors that all have meaning. Yellow denotes joy, optimism. Orange represents joy and higher spiritual enlightenment. Purple stands for transformation (and more). Magenta is the color for universal harmony and emotional balance. And well you know what the green gifts you with, optimism, de-stressor, tranquility.


  • Available in Fine Art Textured Paper and Gallery Wrap Canvas.
  • Gallery Wrapped Canvases ship 7-10 days upon receipt of purchase.
  • Fine Art Textured Prints ship within 3 days of receipt of purchase.


Flowers in a Vase #2