Watercolor - I do enjoy painting outer space scenes, planets, constellations, and more.  This one was a joy to paint with its bright lavender/magenta and gold with light pink!  Could it be GIRLS RULE?


This painting would look awesome in any home - a very contemporary painting with surreal color.

Pink often reflects feminity and romance, purple spirituality, magenta universal harmony emotional balance, gold is associated with higher ideals, wisdom it inspires spirituality and looking deeper into ourselves, it is a generous and giving color.  That black band in the painting represents power, mystery, strength, authority, and elegance.


This is a painting of bold colors and confidence - for a person who knows that the sky has limits, let's take it to the next element.  Is that you?


  • Available in Gallery Wrap Canvas and Gallery Wrap with Floating Black Frame.
  • Gallery Wrapped Canvases ship 7-10 days upon receipt of purchase.
  • Fine Art Textured Prints ship within 3 days of receipt of purchase.

Lavender Galaxy